To Lovers Everywhere,

On the beginning of the new decade I am directed to found the Tantric School of the Inner Secret and Outer Manifestation which will be known as TSISOM.

The requirement for joining this school will be to offer your body speech and mind to the partner you are given and with whom you choose to work to bring in the manifestation of heaven on earth. It is well known that with proper application of our activity over the cycle of time of the coming age it will for the first time become possible for beings of our species to manifest full and complete enlightenment in our inner states and our outer lives in the world simply by joining with our perfectly envisioned partner in love.

The members of this school will choose to be the cause of this evolution by uniting with the principle of union in form and paving the way for others to follow. The school evolves from perfect vision and attainment and therefore offers one who sees the certainty of success.

Please be welcome to join us.

To a new turn of the wheel of Dharma I bow.

In Love,

Some commonly asked questions about Tsisom.

Can I come into the school even if I don't have a partner to work with at the present time?

Yes, you are welcome. Very few of us come with our partners.

What will my activity be if I don't have a partner?

Just being and serving in the environment of the school is purifying. The moment we become aware of the school our preparation begins. We begin to harmonize our bodies and minds to an inner harmony. Our emotions purify. Limiting concepts dissolve. A patterning begins to be revealed to us which reflects perfect balance in nature. And as the processes of surrender to this inner harmony develop, potential partners begin to come toward us.

What does it mean to serve the environment?

In a school there is always work to do and the senior members of the school are always willing to train new members in the skills they have mastered through creative interaction in everyday work situations. Fundamentally, however, serving the environment means awakening the mind and surrendering the heart to its own perfect nature in love.

Is there a fee involved with participation in the school?

There is always an exchange. There is no particular pattern or medium other than what seems appropriate in a given situation.

What are my chances of success?

They are perfect.

In the perspective on Tsisom it says that a requirement of the school would be to surrender one's body, speech and mind to one's partner. I can imagine surrendering body, speech and mind to a master, but it's hard to imagine how it would be successful to surrender body, speech and mind to a partner. I say this because a master appears to be at a different level and by surrendering to that level it draws me up and I attain another level. Whereas a partner is at the same level and it seems we would end up being embroiled in each other's egos. Could you shed some light on this for me?

You're correct in you evaluation of the traditional path which involves surrender to a master because you wish to attain another level. It's a natural thing to do because you feel complete with the level you're on and you can release that level and be born again into the work of the next level. In surrendering to a partner in a Tantric school you're not surrendering to a person, but you're surrendering together to the vibration and the space of truth. To be able to accomplish this reflects a level of spiritual maturity in order to begin.

What would you say is the outer manifestation of perfection in a Tantric school?

To live life at the level of art.

Can I have more than one partner?

Yes, you could have more than one and you would begin with one. If you and your primary partner are able to perfect living a life in the space and vibration of truth and the living of life as art so this stage becomes empty and there is no more work to be done, then you have created a condition together of living heaven on earth. You have re-entered the garden together passing through the angel of fire wielding the sword of light. You have passed the test of the God of this world who serves the throb of the universe and have together claimed your birthright as God being human.

By the nature of things you must surrender unconditionally to one in order to experience unity with all.

Understanding the condition of the relatedness of all things arising spontaneously out of nothing you have attained to the state of the master of sight and sound together as one and all beings are now your consorts and all situations are fields for your Dharmic activity. You and your partner are now able to take on as many partners as there are stars in the sky and grains of sand on the floors and shores of the seas.

Just remember your objective is not to perfect your relationship with a partner although this is the by-product and primary sign of success of your work. The true objective of you and your partner's work in a Tantric school is to come into the reality of union in a bi-polar world and as the mother of Auroville said "To bring the highest light into the deepest darkness and transform external being." And each wiggle of your toe, and each sound of your voice causes the throb of liberation to pulse in the womb of your fertile awareness in which all beings are being born as a result of you and your partners loving embrace.

All cultural and past life patternings that we carry with us, no matter how beneficial and successful in service to the Dharma they might have been in the past, are now transformed into a new activity and a new dispensation. We turn the wheel of the Dharma anew. Our activity is response to the cry of all created beings to be experienced as free and whole just by meeting in the loving embrace of their perfect partner in the mirror. All is known, all is felt, all is completed.

In the old Dharma the mirror was our teacher. In the New Dharma we pass through the mirror together beyond limitations of reflection. We manifest truth in form and union in a bi-polar world. We complete the cause of creation which is the longing for the one to know Aers self and in manifestation Aer and self live as one.

Do Tsisom partners have to be male and female?

In essence, Tsisom is about the perfection of love in form. We experience embodiment through the mirror of polarities. Polarities can play themselves out in any relationship revealing secrets that lie within. The mother-father polarities, and the source of all polarities, are the creative and the receptive. We find that these polarities express themselves in all creatures in all times whether animal, vegetable or mineral. Therefore, perfection in love is not limited to males and females as sexual types. Any beings can come into the reality of Tsisom, and through inner work and outer honesty and the help of the spiritual hierarchy, come to experience perfection in love and embody that love in the unique form of their sharing. Ultimately, all human beings, every one of which manifest in either male of female form, will not be completely satisfied until they experience perfection in love in their sexual polarity with their sexual po! ! larity. We long to embody that love where two opposites open to become one in a new birth in which is experienced the union of heaven on earth.

Beyond this experience as the stone and all other experiences of the perfection of love as the setting, human beings will ultimately come to the knowledge of the perfection of love in more complex forms of union, as we can see from the birds of the flock and the fish of the school, in the way we offer ourselves to love wherever we may find it, recognizing that it is for the embodiment of love in form that we have been brought into being. Tsisom is the space of love's embodiment.

Is marriage part of Tsisom?

One idea of Tsisom is to earn your relationship everyday the way that two lovers do before they get married. Before marriage, we are hot for one another, we want each other, we see that being together means our happiness, our lives are on the line, and so we work very hard to keep love alive and keep the relationship going. After marriage, we relax because the contract and the institution of marriage which we entered to protect our love, makes us secure. We stop working to create love, and we begin to focus on personality traits and our preferences and aversions. Expectations are disappointed and we begin to irritate one another. Soon the dream is shattered. If we stay together, "til death do us part" like the old religious institution vows, our focus is on death, hanging in there until death, and gradually wearing some denseness away. Any institution that is focused on ending at death is dead in the beginning and is not part of a spir! ! itual life. Spiritual life begins with the understanding that the secret of life is in transcending death and being joined with the beloved on every level and in every way both beyond time and space and in all times and places. There has to be a new way for men and women to come together and create heaven on earth. This way is to create, to manufacture love everyday with your partner.

It is possible for men and women to come together in the first embrace and open all the chakras simultaneously. It is possible for men and women to create love everyday, and in so doing transform a world devoted to the limited values of money, power, prestige and status to a world of unlimited values. It is possible for men and women to create more love than they can handle so it gets all over everybody and everything. This becomes their art and their passion, and it spills into all worlds. Instead of a hell planet, earth becomes the heaven planet, the garden planet, the initiatory planet which brings enlightenment in form naturally, the planet that initiates the whole cosmos just by slopping its love juices all over the place, the planet that serves the cause of creation through the perfect expression of love spilling over onto everything... with ease like animals playing in the woods.

The Master says "Marriage is a carriage of happiness unto infinity", and surely a true marriage is just this. No one needs a priest or a set of rules bound by the fear of death to be happy into infinity. All we need is a heart that always is devoted to service and a relationship with the infinite which comes before anything. Then we can be happy into infinity together.

Someone said that a good reason to get a legal marriage certificate with the state is to save on taxes. We need no excuse to Be Married. It is like anything else in the realm of truth, we either are or we are not.

The secret is to always remain in a state of perfect, and we mean perfect, intensity from the beginning, through the middle, to the end; and to be able through mastery to mate the maintenance of this intensity to the survival instinct in the unconscious the way the continuance of the breath is mated to the survival instinct of the animal as we are born into life.

The Poet speaks of this when he says, "When the guest is being longed for, it is the intensity of the longing for the guest that does all the work. Look at me and you will see a slave of this intensity".

This mastery, this love, this commitment, this totality, this trust to be perfect in love in KALA in the tiniest moments of time, THIS IS TSISOM.

I read this knowledge in the beauty of your face beloved. You teach me what I already know as together we become what we are. Our activity is for the sake of all.