A Woman's guide to being on fire 24/7 forever!

Tantric Sex

The goal is to sustain the orgasm and live in that fullness of peak energy all the time.

When having sex, do not drive for the physical orgasm.  Instead, enjoy long, sustained moments of pleasure, and with your conscious breathing, circulate that feeling all through the body, feeling and thinking centers.

When on the edge of orgasm, open the breath and go into a state of physical rest, where you pull the energy of the orgasm up through your chakras and circulate it in your physiological systems.  You do this by relaxing but staying intensely focused on the energy you are experiencing and moving it up and through all parts by your being with your concentration.

After your partner relaxes, continue little contractions of the vagina, anus, lower abs and the back of the neck (near the base of the skull) to continue the sensual stimulation in your sex organs and brain . . . and continue circulating that by your breath and consciousness.

In between sex, remember these moments of pure pleasure and refresh the experience of peak energy circulating through your system.  

In between sex, focus at your root so intensely that the perineum stays hot and spongy, and your vagina stays wet.

In between sex, think of your sex partner (even if it is a one time event), and experience again the entire sex act in full feeling.

- Rudi 02/26/03