Karma Free Teaching

Part Two

The pain of separation brings me to my prayer.

My prayer brings me to my vision.
My vision brings me to my focus.
My focus generates my practice.
My practice makes perfection.

Perfection is the beginning.

My Soul has made a Prayer
I have seen a higher vision. I have seen a vision of awakening and perfection for myself and all beings.
I have made the choice to tame my animal, the only one who can carry me to my goal.
I am making the Great Tantric Seal with my vision partner, the one my prayer brought to me.
Mine eye becomes single. Our hearts become one. Our beings unite with the pulsating magnetic core of our mother.
I gather all of the parts of myself together that in my life I have distributed to others: parents, siblings, friends, enemies and loves that faded away.
I gather all of the parts of myself together and make myself whole again.....
and I offer myself whole to you.
I offer you my body, my energy and my devotion.
I offer all of my body parts as your place of worship.
I offer my body fluids, blood, semen and saliva as your food.
I offer my energetic being as the home we share in all times and places.
And I offer you all of my devotion to nourish and grow your heart.

I make myself an offering to you my vision partner that our whole beings may join and form into a new being that is the consumation of our love, a new being that fills our individual forms and makes us perfect in love in every way!
I wish for all who share the same vision to walk with me, and I command all who do not share the same vision to release me. I release everyone without guilt or concern, because I know that their creator will guide their way.

On my way I will learn to live karma free.
On my way I will learn to be in love and to make love everywhere.
On my way I will find my home in the Castle of Clear Light.

Myself and my vision partner will master these three dharmas through waking, dreaming and deep sleep
Living Karma Free
Being in Love and Making Love Everywhere
Abiding in the Clear Light.

We will practice until we have made perfect, and we will live as Isa and Corazone.

And in one great
E x p a n d e d