Karma Free Teaching

Part One

There are parts of this that are going to feel uncomfortable.

Nobody says that this will be easy, except Mursshud.

Your ability to go free will depend on your ability to say yes to whatever appears in front of you.

If you are not free somewhere, then you are not free anywhere.

If you say yes to something you like, it's feeding your animal.

If you say yes to something you don't like, you are being of service.

If you say yes to an illusion, it will dissolve in front of you.

Your Purity is your Protection.

Your willingness to say yes to what ever appears in front of you will depend on three things:

  1. Your ability to concentrate.
  2. Your clarity about the purity of your intention.
  3. Your trust in the deity of your choice.

Your ultimate success lies in your ability to feel your chakras in the little moments of time and to be able to keep them open and flowing no matter what comes up.

Practice makes perfect and personal karma is finite. If you stop making new karma, and you practice intensly bringing the light into your chakras, your practice WILL be fruitful. Your chakras will become one. You will feel the light flowing through your eyes, your face, your hands and feet and finally through your whole body, igniting your inner sun which will shine without any effort on your part for now and forever more.


I want to teach you to love by loving you I want to save you the pain of the karma being processed through your body by joining my body with yours in the ecstasy of an unconditional and personal love.