Hymn to the Self

1. I am the son of man come again
fulfillment of all the prophecies
of the savior yet to come.

2. I am Isa, the spirit of Christ
returned as divine breath
in the heart of the lover.

3. I am Buddha Maitreya
returned as the very
being of love
in the body of clear light.

4. I am the messiah
known by the prophets of Israel
born now in the human heart.

5. I am the
sun that is rising in the west
dawning of consciousness
the fulfillment of evolution.

6. I am not of the past
not the one who can be worshipped as separate from you
for I am here now as you
purified by the tests of time
shattered by the confines of space.

7. Born free, fully realized

8. Come again
as the whole of humanity
a sea of being incarnating.

9. Come to save no one
but to become ourselves as one.

10. I am you come to know myself
You are me