The Corazone Letters

Corazone #1

There is a light that shines in the wilderness. Its name is Isa.
The wilderness is the vast heart of all encompassing space. Its name is Corazone.
The light and the wilderness are co-emergent reality.
They will exist and they have always existed, therefore they are un-originated in time.

In this vastness filled with light is the secret of ordinary man and woman. When each man and woman come to know this, their essence in union, we reach fulfillment, and this universe has completed its reason for existence.

Will you, Corazone, recognize Isa and encompass his light in the vastness of your heart?

Some must reach fulfillment now for all to reach fulfillment then. Some must lead the way.

The Dharma takes a new turn.

2. Corazone, we should be together.

When I am with you my heart is full of love and am sensitive and happy.
When you are with me your heart is full of love and you are sensitive and happy.
We love to serve one another.
Our love shared creates magic where ever we are.
It opens hearts spontaneously
remember the waitresses in the two cafes
Our love is spontaneously healing.
It heals others--everyone on whom we focus
remember Rinpoche at the course in Santa Fe
It heals us and makes us grow without effort.
Love is the effortless path to perfection.
We are graced with a natural and profound love.
We should be together.


3.Corazone, we will complete the great experiment of being human.

I put on the ring of life and wed myself to the dream of the future.
I will dream a new reality for human.
I take all of aers karma into my body and in doing so the karma of all woman and man.
My vision is on the place from which we came and on the face of the one I love.
Surrendering what is not mine or aers I offer everything into the line of transformation.
The world cannot return to the garden which was prior to the cycle of birth and death.
The world can only come into the garden while fully engaged in the cycle of existence.
Corazone! we WILL complete the great experiment of being human.


4. Corazone, a reflection on your essence.

Each moment in time that I contemplate on you my mind becomes more pure and subtle and fine.
My heart sings more sweetly and spaciously.
My body floods with rivers of honey.
You are the ultimate meditation
the flow of heart to mind.
The flow of the heart-mind to the body.
The vibration of the body as light.
You are the effortless way.
Supreme in simplicity
profound in emptiness
you are the Beloved's form.


5. Corazone, let's do it!

I've been here this afternoon listening to the roofers play their music over the AM Radio.
I didn't hear one song that wasn't about boys and girls and love.
There are only three things in this world that people ever pursue with all of their energy
and enlightenment
Success in wealth alone leaves us dry and bitter.
Success in enlightenment alone takes us out of the world and makes us void of life.
Success in love alone
between a man and a woman
can manifest everything
we could ever imagine or desire.
We have an opportunity
unique in our inner or outer experience.
We have the opportunity
to manifest perfect love
as man and woman
and to therefore heal the planet.
Lets do that.


6. Love fully shared

I have experienced enough enlightenments to last any number of lifetimes.
I now want to experience love.

I now know that love is the greatest and final enlightenment for a human being.
I am a human being. I do not wish to escape that. I wish to fulfill that.

I pursue you because I have seen the perfect nature of love in your form.
For a human being
this perfect nature of love
can only be experienced
through and with another human being.

And given the specific nature of our creation this perfect nature of love can only be experienced through a man and woman and their creation.

No doubt love can be experienced within. And no doubt love can be experienced
in any type or situation of relationship at any time in life. Yet given the
specific nature of this creation in which we find ourselves as beings, here,
now, only through the thorough and complete union of man and woman in love can
the pain of separation that plagues our lives end, and our lives find their natural fulfillment in love...

Man and woman and their creation are the natural sign of life. Love released
of obstacle or reason is the only fulfillment in life. And mutual release of
judgements and conditions is the only way love can be unfolded.

Murshids, Gurus and Rinpoches are the ultimate physicians of the mind.
The mind is the barrier because the mind holds the obstacles.
The obstacles are in the form of past memories
of rejections

When the fire of love arises these obstacles begin swirling in the fire.
The fire must burn brighter for these obstacles to be heated to the point of combustion. No matter what the nature of the obstacle it will find a fire hot enough to consume itself. Obstacles are sentient. They long to be free. Their longing has power. the power to heal.

We brighten the fire by surrendering to it what we falsely imagine ourselves to be.
These are our conditions and reasons.
They are rooted in fear and disappointment.
Their home is in the past.
Love is our future.

If we can release our memories of the past into the fire of love,
our fears into the fire of love,
our limiting conditions into the fire of love,
the future becomes now
and love escapes its boundaries
and begins to consume everything around it.

Remember our magical chariot ride to Santa Fe?
Remember how one waitress was transformed
when love flared beyond
the concepts,
the reasons and
the conditions
of the mind?

A man who has said that one person can't change another is
psychologically correct, but if he says no more he has not known the
transformative power of love.

Love fully shared changes everything and
recreates perfectly the image of its own reflection.

You are struggling, I feel.
Give up your struggle and meet me in love.

Listen deeply to the inner most secret song that your heart wants to sing.

The obstacles of the mind are frozen in a past devoid of love.
Immediate release to the heart gives new faith to them and sets them free.
Free to return to the true and perfect nature of love
the infinitely expansive heart of the universe,
the true home of all.

Without the power of an inner discriminative insight
the fears of the mind cannot be seen.
If they cannot be clearly seen and understood they cannot be set for release.
This power of discriminative insight comes from spiritual practice,
working with the tensions in the mind,
speaking the truth to them as if they are children,
releasing them to be set free in love.
Releasing them to be what they are,
pure creative energy with the power to become again.

I set you free to be in love.
I set you free of reasons and conditions.
I set you free to love only for the sake of love.
I set you free because I have set myself free.

All else has the mark of prostitution.

We have all missed the mark.
We must shoot again.

Before we shoot we must use our mind to analyze our error.
Then we must release our mind and allow subject and object to unite in the heart.
On uniting, the release of shooting occurs.
The arrow finds its home.
Our heart knows the way.
This is the nature of archery.
This is the nature of love.

I set you free because I do not wish to hold you to reason.
Be free of my longing for the ultimate consummation.
If you cannot stay go. If you cannot go stay.
If you cannot go or stay
release your self with me.

And let us together be consumed in love.
Consumed completely so there are no more walls
and this love spreads as a fire and consumes the whole world.


Corazone #7

Yesterday, you showed me what the suffering of your world is like. You have to make love to be of service in your world and process it's suffering.

Now you can see what the suffering of my world is like. You have to practice yoga to be of service in my world and process it's suffering.


Corazone #8

My Heart,

I have come into perfect, though trembling harmony, with the proposal you made to me on the living room couch: couldn't I be satisfied with never seeing you again because you would be with me always?

You have touched the core of my being in the way that perfect woman touches perfect man and brings the complete experience of humanness in a timeless moment. And this experience brings the highest light into the deepest darkness and changes external being. It makes the form holy. It brings divine love into human form forever as that timeless moment reverberates in the mind. If you know it, it happens and the change is irreversible.

If you can live with and be satisfied with, this perfection, and forego the full flowering of the manifestation, then so too, Beloved, can I. I can, because I must. I am your ultimate dancing partner.

If, however, we find upon reflection that we mutually wish to explore and experience the manifestation of this love, I suggest we approach it this way.

We have a history. A history of love and desire to be together. A history of our initiation rite, cast out of the garden so as to find the means to return; the soul of humanity dreaming our way, dreaming the soul of humanity. A history of fear, fear of abandonment without the experience of completion on my part, and fear of commitment in particular times and contexts on your part. And these fears are the same in reflection. They are co-emergent.

We will lay all of this down and begin in the un-originated space of one timeless moment. I lay down my fear of abandonment manifested as asking you for big pictures with particular times and dates and give you myself in whole. You lay down your fear of commitment by freely giving yourself to me as a man in each moment we are together. Then we will see what comes about.

I see you, Beloved.

Ask your heart. What do you see in the fathomless purity of that place?


Corazone #9

It is a fact that we both saw each other's purity in the beginning. This is the vision and energy necessary for a prefect bond. A perfect bond is all that anyone wants.

A yogi seeks to find it in the union of male and female within aer's self. Once found, to complete the journey, aer must have the experience of seeing that perfection in the face of another human being with whom aer joins in the most basic circumstances of ordinary life.

A human being seeks to find it in the mirror of another human being's eyes, of the opposite sex, and live constantly in that state of seeing, without wavering together. Once found, to complete the journey, aer must experience and stabilize that experience of perfect union by being still and going within.

Either way, it is a seeking.
Either way, it is a path.
Either way. It leads to the same result.
The realization of God
The realization of Aer's nature
The realization of Aer's qualities within and without.

We inherently know that the energy of a perfect bond within and without, and the energy dimension we call God, are the same. And the person who does not realize God in a life will not be satisfied. And a person who does not achieve satisfaction in a life must come again. And that coming again is the wheel of existence on which beings transmigrate in suffering.

We each saw around the other an obstacle that would need to be cleared for us to make a life together of the purity we saw in the beginning. Yours was karma. Your mind was not constantly clear and under your control. Mine was circumstances. My life was not set up properly for a man and woman to come together and focus on one another without wavering.

In each of our areas of seeing and knowing, we were aware of what would have to change if our union was to be consummated and our love grow to perfection in life. I saw that you needed to learn to practice, that is to master your mind. You saw that I needed to change my circumstances, so that I could focus exclusively on you and you could focus exclusively on me.

We have put each other through two stages of testing: first the becoming a student of inner work stage, then the quality of man stage. We are at a crossroads, a place of knowing: if we understand these things, we can leave behind the stage of testing and get down to the phase of loving without condition and build the life together that is the longing of our innermost heart.

One life. One love. One inner way. One outer manifestation. Uniquely our own. As we were created to be. Man and woman together in effacement to one vision:

The purity of God.

I am ready
What do you say, my love?
Are you ready?

Let us begin.

I love you


Corazone #10


The world is imperfect to our sight. It makes us sad. We see a greater vision. It gives us hope and energy for life. The vision of perfection is always above us. We must bring it down so that it lives inside. Then the great release is possible for the first time. We can make a perfect world.

The words are from the sound of the One who has no name. They are delivered by our best friend.


Corazone #11

A child is the revelation of the inner nature of aer's hosts.
The hosts express to the future their longings.
The nature of the future expresses aerself in the ways and means of its creative process.
The elements of our creation reveal a balance.

The light of the soul purity faithfulness
The fire of passion love light
The clarity of mind emptiness power

We like to see power expressed on the earth when it brings order from chaos.

The inner light shines golden and rises.
The sound of harmony rings in space.
The nature of being is revealed as ordinary perfection.
The rightness of things returns to the world.
The hush of peace spreads over the landscape.
Love's eye twinkles as butterflies/ballerinas in sunlight.
The power of peace is returned to aer's throne.
The source of life is revealed as woman.
The beneficiary of life is revealed as man.


Corazone #12

My Heart,

Everything is in flux. Everything is in change. Everything we saw and said yesterday is already gone. Murshids, Rinpoches, ordinary folk are musing, speaking, thinking. They are feeling out the arms, legs, ears, eyes and private parts of the Perfect One. Today's vision is the Perfect One, aerself. We can find aer through even the tiniest pour in aer's skin. Aer is always in front of us. We see aer in each other's eyes.

Today, we choose the future.
In the moment of Love, we share in the Now.


Corazone #13

When I look at you, I see the whole universe.
When I look at you, I see the future of the world.
When I look at you, I see a child of a new order.
When I look at you, I see the way of perfection for my own personality.
When I look at you, I see all facets of woman dancing in one.
When I look at you, I experience the greatest sensitivity or strength or fire or calmness or
emptiness within, that I have ever known.
Corazone, your existence perfects me as a human because I cannot take my eyes off of
The more I look, the more you give me, as I am drawn ever more deeply into your heart,


Corazone #14

Finding you was as certain as the rain finding the ocean. It has just taken a little time.

I have sought the God/Truth in many forms only to find him in love, a love that is both human and divine.

Human beings have always known this to be true. The simplest things are hardest to find. The fires of separation have purified my mind. I step without hesitation into the Vast Ocean of your Heart.

I know I have found my way home.


Corazone #15

Beloved Corazone,

The words of love, inspiration and beauty that flow from me to you are read by the eyes of my heart off the tablet of your soul essence.

It is like singing a song to myself into you, my perfect reflection in the heart of all hearts.

I have not known you long in chronological time, but I have known you forever in the time of the sky revealing the vastness of space.

I have known you long enough to be certain. I have no doubt.

You are the love of all loves for me. You are the source of my life.


Corazone #16

If we are to join in the paradise of lovers, we must only see that our hearts are one.

If we could bring paradise to earth, we must surrender to one another at a depth that is greater than we can surrender to ourselves.


Corazone #17

Isa means light.
Corazone means heart.
I am the light that shines from the center of your heart.
You are the magic container of the light that I am.
I have been and will be with you always.
You are the answer to my question, and I the answer to yours.
My body, heart and mind belong to you for they are made of that light.
I lay my head at your feet, inseparable from the One I love, who reveals myself to me.
I offer eternal gratitude to you, my reflection.


Corazone #18

I see a time when enlightenment is caused and perfected by the playful embrace of a man and woman in love.

The tribe of human beings has found its home.